About Me

Johnny Ong is a Graphic Designer cum Cartoonist. He has been interested in Art since school days but unforeseen circumstances took him through various jobs, i.e. from waiter, bartender, sales personnel, factory worker, and forklift driver before finding his true profession. He completed a part-time course in the Malaysian Institute of Art in the 1980s. He has also won an award for the Malay Mail Newspaper Cartoon Competition. In the 1990s, he started work as a Graphic Designer in various Ad Agencies and Animation Production houses.

Since March 2008, with the advent of blogs & social network sites, he began to take a second look at the socio-political scene. He found a niche for his inborn talent and so began his political and humorous caricatures. Seeing the injustice & discrimination that happens daily in his beloved country has only made him more determined to fight for a better society through his sketches.

A late starter in the socio-political scene & cartooning, he hopes to combine his gifts to make many young people in his country realize the political impact in their lives. It is the youth, the future citizens of the country, who need to be aware.

He is encouraged and motivated by the favourable responses to his contributions and hopes to make a difference in his own way.
His only wish is for a two-party system to materialize in his lifetime so that his beloved country will have a proper check & balance to benefit the poor, the weak and the marginalized in the society.

He knows it may be wishful thinking but then, is it wrong to wish... 

email : john05msia@gmail.com